Forty-Six Professional Years.

Mr. Crampton started his entrepreneur lifestyle as early as
his tenth birthday, in local lawn care maintenance service.
Age fifteen, found him working for his mother and fathers business in their automotive and motorcycle sales and repair facilities.
His automotive diagnostic talents were enhanced working weekend and in the summer with his mentor, "Bud".
Bud an R&D consultant for the US Government project for
specialized vehicle equipment. Bud taught Mr. Crampton
(the wizard and or the professor as he was later known) every aspect of creative, logical and incentive diagnostics techniques needed for the high demands in today's automotive industry.
Graduating high school and continuing to college he formed a company,  Crampton's Auto Clinic, an automotive repair facility.
After many years of automotive related schools,
Carter, Holley, Delco, Air conditioning, fuel injection, early(60's, 70's) and licensed emissions, machinist, past experiences and university background, furnished the skill to maintain a strong business impact in the automotive community.
As a young man, Ronald bought his first vehicle 1955 Chevrolet 2 Dr HT. It had a runability problem. After consulting 25, so called professional mechanics for answers or sugestions, not one of these individuals repaired the malfunction. Young and frustrated, Ronald traded this rebuilt vehicle for a very nice, running 1955 Mercury.  Two hours later, he observes his 55 Chevy driving past his father's shop. Calling the man whom purchased the vehicle, was informed of the head issues which were not addressed when the machinist remanufactured the heads.
Never shall, this individual ever offer misdiagnoses to anyone. Understanding the situations before the repair, why compound the already fustrating situations through misdiagnosing , and charging the customer for your mistake. We are not parts changers, we are professional diagnostics specialists.

  The creation of " IDEAS "tm in 1988 indicated a
requirement for automotive technicians in specialized fields were needed more than his local repair facility.
" IDEAS "tm presentation on the world, specialized in the
" High Performance G.M. Distributor Bushings"tm, *
 remanufacturing of automotive distributors and
automotive computer diagnostics.
Mr. Crampton has always put his customers first.
"An honest days wages for an honest days work." tm
The purpose for this site.
To include honest and concise information for the vehicle owner whom knows nothing or everything.
We, at DMAMEDIA.COM, IDEAS tm, R.G.C. ENTERPRISES, LLC., IGNOLOGY, ICANDOITMYSELF.ORG, along with other FUN and Informative siteslike GOMAD.TV,
  are pleased to present all information all sites may offer.



Sold in 1996

This multimedia presentation company arose from a
partnership of Ronald Crampton and two business associates.
Industry renown for their creative promotional materials on CD-ROM media for corporate entities, and reviews of new hardware and software.
Presently, DMAMEDIA.COM, serves as a gateway for our consultant company, R.G.C. Enterprises, LLC., along with others, with an avenue for excellent, honest companies offering the same insights in the business world as all our companies have offered in the past.


The parent company for all past and present companies owned by Mr.Ronald Crampton


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