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   Yes,  “ Wiper Boobs “ creating many items over the
years, this company almost lost site in having some fun. So, we decided to add some flavor to our newest products.
  The last time you turned on your wipers, you heard that annoying sound of the wipers chattering across the windshield, didn’t you. So, down to the local store for a new pair of blades. After a sum of cash, you were satisfied, but only for a short time. Now  the groan is back and maybe the significant other is on you to get it fixed. Well others, you have come to the right place.

   The reason the wipers make this noise: they are out of adjustment. That’s right !  The arm has a lot more downward pressure to hold the wipers to a curved surface.

   The pressure is so dynamic, that it twists over a period of time. So, you say, hey I can just bend them back and you are now the genius your Mom or Dad always thought you were.
Therefore, Lift the arm, place your Wiper Boobs under and  return the arm onto the support of an engineered device.

Old School
But not very cool !

Guess what !

No More Tennis Balls.

Old school.

Mt Wiper Boobs tm

We introduced our latest and greatest here at the
Quartzsite, AZ  Motor Home and RV show.
January 2005.
The show was a great success and we all had
allot of good fun and laughs.

    IDEAS tm,
Acquired by  R.G. C. ENTERPRISES, LLC. in 1999,
 renowned educators in the field of automotive for over thirty years,
has attempted to inform the populace in many directions for many different applications for many years.

Use your Wiper Boobs  to increase the longevity of the
wiper blades and arms of your Motor Homes, Show Cars
or watercraft..

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